Car valeting is the beautification and protection of an automotive vehicle. Be it a ‘do it yourself’ valet on a Sunday morning or a visit from your local mobile car valeting firm, the aim is to preserve and maintain the aesthetical qualities as well as the future resale value of your car.

When the time comes to either part-exchange or sell your vehicle independently, dealerships and private buyers alike will recognise a well kept, neat pristine model; which in turn helps retain it’s market value.

Car valeting / car detailing has been around for many years, there are thousands of companies nationwide who offer a service (be it mobile car valeting, fixed or roadside), but are you aware of the potential damage involved? Meticulous steps in the wash procedure must be taken to ensure your vehicle remains in the best possible condition. Dirty equipment, poor technique and harsh chemicals can all contribute to actually damaging your vehicle rather than ‘enhancing’ your vehicle. No room for cutting corners here I’m afraid!

By visiting Car Valeting HQ, we hope to highlight the do’s, the don’ts, the dangers and of course the benefits that car valeting can bring!

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